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Grow into a NEW You! Take root in a place that will support you.

If we nourish ourselves, we can overcome any adversity. Life INC adult education classes provide that needed nourishment. Awesome volunteers, area churches, and several organizations come together to offer classes in employment, parenting, faith and finances. Hundreds of families have benefited from this life changing program. Other benefits: 

  • Childcare provided on site
  • Weekly incentives offered
  • Meal each week before classes
  • No cost!
Life INC is held at multiple sites in Rapid City. Each one offers different classes. Not all classes are offered every quarter.

For more information about Love INC Sturgis CLICK HERE.

Press titles below for a class description.


West Rapid


South Canyon Lutheran Church

East Rapid


Word of Hope

Downtown Rapid


The Foundry: A Christian Church




Grace Lutheran Church

Art Class Jan. 9th – Mar. 5th
Becoming Whole Jan. 9th – Mar. 5th
Better Choices, Better Health: Chronic Disease Jan. 23rd – Mar. 5th
Bridges to Freedom Jan. 9th – Mar. 5th Jan 21st – Mar. 17th
Bring Your ‘A’ Game Feb. 13th – Mar. 5th
Common Sense Parenting Jan. 30th – Mar. 5th Feb. 18th – Mar. 10th
Computer Soft Skills Jan 21st – Mar. 17th
Faith and Finance Jan. 9th – Mar. 5th
Financial Freedom Jan. 9th – Mar. 5th Jan 14th – Mar. 10th Jan 21st – Mar 17th
Nutrition on a Budget Jan. 9th – Mar. 5th
Paths to Progress Jan. 21st – Mar. 17th
Overcomer Jan. 28th – Mar. 17th
Weigh Down Jan. 21st – Mar. 17th
Why I Believe by Chip Ingram Jan.9th – Mar. 5th
Sacred Parenting: How raising children shapes our souls
Craft for a Cause: Sewing (tentatively scheduled)
Workplace Ready: Practical Employment Prep
Pre-registration is one week before class starts.
Life INC Downloads: 

For more information, see FAQ below:

Life INC provides free childcare on site while the adults attend classes. The children love it!

Life INC provides one-on-one mentoring opportunities to help you succeed.

Life INC offers a free meal before classes start. This helps you have time with your family and friends.

Life INC FAQ & Promo Material

Where does Life INC meet?

Life INC Locations

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East Campus: Word of Hope Church (Mon): 44.072030, -103.152072
East Campus: Rapid Valley United Methodist : 44.052869, -103.133191
West Campus: South Canyon Baptist Church (Thurs): 44.084830, -103.275122
South Campus: Faith Lutheran Church (Tues.): 44.061885, -103.218077
North Campus: Bethel Assembly of God (Tuedays, Summer): 44.097271, -103.210901
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East Campus: Rapid Valley United Methodist
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East Campus: Word of Hope Church (Mon)
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North Campus: Bethel Assembly of God (Tuedays, Summer)
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South Campus: Faith Lutheran Church (Tues.)
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West Campus: South Canyon Baptist Church (Thurs)

Who can attend?

Anyone who wants to apply themselves and make some changes in their life is welcome to attend. Your religious beliefs do not matter. Please know that the volunteers and staff who work in the program believe in Jesus Christ as our Savior and we are forthcoming about our beliefs.

Who does the teaching?

Volunteers from area churches are the instructors for each class. Many have received extra levels of training in the area in which they provide instruction. Most have experienced the pains and strains of making their own lives better, and want to pass along the ideas that worked for them.

What is offered for children?

We provide a Children’s Ministry called Truth Seekers for children that are infant up to the age of 14 while adults are in their classes. For children ages 5 and older for the first hour they meet as a group where they sing; hear a Bible story; and play games. For the second hour they meet in small groups according to their age level where they talk about the story; have a prayer time and have crafts. Infants and toddlers up to the age of 5 get supervised play time. They also receive a Bible Story; sometimes there is singing and a prayer time. The child care team of Christian volunteers is coordinated by a paid staff person. All volunteers are screened with criminal background check before being allowed to serve. During the summer months Life INC provides a variety of children’s camps. Basketball, Soccer, First Aid, Hiking to name a few.

What about bad weather on class night?

We make a decision by 3 PM on the day of class if the weather is poor. We will call all participants to let them know we are cancelling. You can also call our office after 3pm on the day of class to inquire (718-5683).


Sometimes life can spiral out of control. No-one should have to walk through the changes alone. Life INC uses a philosophy of providing a safe, nurturing environment for people who want to improve their circumstances. Christian volunteers act out their faith by donating time to serve meals, provide child care, teach classes, donate groceries and diapers for the food pantry, be a mentor, and be prayer warriors.

We do not provide a hand out to our participants. Instead, we work to encourage the dignity of all people by allowing participants to graciously accept a hand up. This means that all class participants are expected to:

1) Do any homework assigned to them by their instructor or mentor,

2) Arrive on time, and

3) Fully participate in class.

Life INC began in late 2005 with one class, Financial Freedom. Organizers quickly realized that peoples’ issues with debt were just the tip of the iceberg. Everyone has changes that need to be made in their lives. So, additional classes were created. Today we have a full suite of class choices for people. Depending on what is most troublesome in your life, you may find it more helpful to begin in one area, and transition to others as you grow and change.

What if I can’t make it this week?

Please call the Love INC office (718-5683) as soon as possible or no later than 12:00 pm on the day of class. If the Life INC Program Director is not available please leave a message.

What does it take to graduate from a class?

  • You are only allowed to miss 1 class out of the 9 weeks of classes.
  • Strengthening Families runs 8 weeks you are only allowed to miss 1 class. If you do miss a class you have to make arrangements with the instructor to make it up at Catholic Social Services.
  • This is also true with Common Sense Parenting which runs for 7 weeks.

How do I get to work with a mentor?

Financial mentors are offered to those who graduate from Financial Freedom. You are required to take Bridges to Freedom class that runs for the first hour the next quarter so you are able to meet with your mentor the second hour. You will get to know the Budget mentors while you are taking the Financial Freedom Class. After about half way through the quarter you will be handed a form where you can indicate whether or not you would like to get a Budget Mentor the next quarter of classes. Sometimes there is a long break between quarters because of holidays and summer seminars you may meet with your budget mentor once a month or more if your mentor is in agreement.

What is the purpose of a financial mentor?

They are there to guide you through your financial situation; keep you accountable if needed. Sometimes they give guidance to personal issues that may affect your finances. They are not counselors, but just loving people who care about you. They are not there to give you money or things to help you get out of a situation. By asking for money or things from them you are running the risk of losing your mentor privileges for this violates the guidelines of a Mentor Mentee relationship set forth in the Life INC program. Everything you talk about is held in strict confidentiality.

Why is there no charge for the classes?

    • As Christians, we strongly believe that we are to help others who are in need. We volunteer our time and our services because it is the right thing to do, and because Christ gave so much for us. We want the Life INC classes to be available to anyone who wants to put forth the energy to change their life for the better.

What about transportation?

      • For the West Campus we try to provide transportation if we can find a church or a volunteer who is willing to do it.
      • For either the East or South Campus you will need to find your own way there.

How do I register for a class?

      • If you are a first time student you will need to fill out a student application.
      • You may print off a student application from this website or you may call into the Love INC office so we can mail you one.
      • If you have been a student before you will need to call into the Love INC office so we can pull your file. You will need to provide any updates to your application if there has been any changes since you last took classes at Life INC.

You must register no later than one week before classes start. If you register after that you will have to wait until the next quarter or try to get into a class on another campus.

What can I expect my first day of class?

        • You will be greeted with friendly, smiling faces that will be more than willing to answer any questions that you may have or guide you where you need to go.
        • When you enter the Christian Life Center at West Campus you will see two tables. The first table is where you check in your children the second is an information table.
        • At East and South Campuses you will see only an information table.

What do I need to bring to class?

        • Most classes have a syllabus or handouts.
        • It would be wise to bring something to write with.
        • If you forget don’t worry we will provide you with something.

I forgot when my classes start!

        • No worries someone from the office will call and remind you that classes will be starting and answer any questions you may have at that time.
        • What is important is that you provide us with a phone number that we can for sure reach you at.

You can find us here

Love INC of the Black Hills
Mail: PO Box 3255, Rapid City, SD 57709
Office: 140 North St, Rapid City, SD 57701
Hours: 8:30 AM - 4:30 PM, Mon-Thu; 8:30 AM - 12:00 PM, Fri
Phone: (605) 718-5683
Fax: (605) 716-4963


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