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Clothe-A-Kid Churches

Since God chose you to be the holy people he loves,
ou must clothe yourselves with tenderhearted mercy,
kindness, humility, gentleness, and patience… 

 Above all, clothe yourselves with love,
Which binds us all together in perfect harmony.
Colossians 3:12 & 14

Clothe-A-Kid is an outreach of area churches. Our leadership team is made up of volunteers from area churches. The children’s clothes are purchased by funds provided by church volunteers. As Christians we are to be clothed in Christ’s love, and our desire is to see others know that same love.

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Common questions for church coordinators.

What is required of a CAK church contact?

One or two responsible volunteers would be needed from each participating church. Here is a rough outline of the responsibilities:

  • Adult, active church member
  • Present Love INC’s Clothe-A-Kid ministry to your congregation either by announcement or in print.
  • Sign up people that are willing to sponsor a child, can volunteer to help during sign up in June or shop with the families in August.
  • Collect the donations and turn money into the Love INC office by July 17, 2018.
  • We will be working very closely to help you answer questions and provide everything you need along the way. Also, you should involve other people from your church to help you with these details.

How many children does our church help?

Many churches post or pass around a sign-up sheet which we can provide. Some churches just pick a number of children to help. We have never had a church that was unable to provide for what they committed to helping. (God is so good!) In the past, the least number of children a church helped was 2 and the most was 150. It is so great to see the impact we can make when we all join together to help those in need in our community!

What do the children receive?

Volunteers along with the parent/guardian and child will meet at Kohl’s and they will actually get to pick out the clothing they love and need the most. We do require that all clothing meets the Rapid City School Districts Dress Code. We also put limits on the price of items so that the child cannot spend all their money on just one item. The amount the child is allowed to spend is dependent upon the amount of money raised by the churches along with the number of children that sign up to participate.

How much does this cost?

Last year the average donor spent $70 per child.  We pool the funds together to purchase all the clothing so even $10 helps.

How do the children qualify for Clothe-A-Kid?

Parents must sign up child for CAK during June sign up and prove the date of birth for each child. We desire to encourage parents and therefore we are not requiring proof of poverty by requiring T-19 Cards. We are also requiring the parent to contribute $10 per child and we will add to that to purchase the child around $70 worth of clothing.

What other needs does CAK have?

We need people to help with sign up in June, along with taking families shopping on our shopping days in August. We always need additional help to carry out the ministry of CAK. Please contact Sheryl at the Love INC office for more ways to get involved 718-5683. You can also look at the volunteer needs page under Clothe-A-Kid on the website.

What’s the goal of CAK?

CAK is designed to help children in need get ready and excited for school, to make connections with area churches and to provide Christians a straightforward opportunity to help families in need. Every year we work to increase the opportunities for churches and Christians to truly minister to these families.

How are the clothes distributed?

We love being able to take every child shopping. The reason for this is multifacited: 1) it enables the shopper to purchase the clothing that the child likes and that fits the child perfectly, takes out the guessing that often happens. 2) Gives the shopper a chance to extend the love of Christ to the participating family and show that someone really does care about them and wants to help them. 3) Grace & Truth are God’s power to heal, relationship is the conduit of grace & truth; this is an opportunity to start a relationship. On two Saturdays in August we will be taking each family shopping. It is our hope through this shopping event that families will connect with churches.

Can anyone or any organization help with Clothe-A-Kid?

Our ultimate goal is connecting families with Christ through His people. Love INC identifies the Apostles Creed as common ground we share with our participating churches. There are ways we can direct outside support and assistance through our churches and still achieve our ultimate goal.

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